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Workplace etiquette – misdemeanour or sackable offence

Workplace etiquette – misdemeanour or sackable offence

From bad BO to profanity, not washing hands in the bathroom to poor grooming and attire: how and when can employers act to address workplace behaviour that disturbs, offends or alienates?

Industrial relations is one of the most complex aspects of operating a business, and one that easily attracts the most interest — and feedback — from My Business readers.

Whether it be deciphering the Fair Work Act or navigating interpretations and judgements by regulators and courts, it is clear that business leaders are frustrated, confused and bewildered by how to do the right thing AND run a profitable business.

With this in mind, My Business asked Michael Wilkinson, a senior employment relations adviser at Employsure, to clarify when and if an employer has the right to act — and what action is deemed appropriate from a legal perspective — on six common sources of frustration in the workplace.

To read six common sources of frustration in the workplace click here.

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