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This is how to protect employees from heat stress | Employsure News


This is how to protect employees from heat stress | Employsure News

We all know WHS is vital, but do your policies take into account the often brutal Australian heat?

Soaring temperatures across Australia have seen some regions reach close to 50C.

Consequently, it’s important for employers to have plans in place to prevent staff suffering when working in the heat.

The consequences of not addressing heat stress include reduced concentration, judgment and reaction time, causing a potential increase in the risk of worker injury, according to senior employment relations adviser, Employsure, Isabella Zamorano.

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Work Stress, Heat Stress – they’re both your responsibility in the workplace.

A hot day here or there isn’t much to worry about, right? The reality is, your responsibilities as an employer extend beyond the mandatory hard hat and ergonomic set up in the office. With the recent heatwave that has taken Australia, its important for employers to have in place plans to prevent staff suffering during those scorching days. Whether your business is primarily outdoors, on-site or inside, its important to make sure your staff are adequately protected from the effects of the heat. For more information on how to avoid reduced productivity, increased risk of accidents at work, and potential claims due to heat stress, check out the following resources:

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