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How to prevent entrepreneurial burn out

How to prevent entrepreneurial burn out

How to prevent entrepreneurial burn out

Sharlene Barnes

I developed Skool Loop to bridge the communication gap between parents/caregivers and schools. The free-to-use app streamlines functions including e-Signatures for permission slips, absentee reporting capabilities, push notifications for instant alert messaging, up-to-date school event calendars and key school contacts all into the single app. The app is used in m ore than 800 schools in Australia and New Zealand, and I now manage 15 staff across two offices in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Here are my tips on how to prevent burn out as a small-business owner and entrepreneur:

1. Delegate the small stuff, concentrate on the big stuff

Chances are that if you’re a small biz owner, you will have employed a highly-capable and skilled team that you’re confident in. Allow your team to handle smaller day-to-day tasks while you concentrate your energy on building your brand and business, R&D, and looking after your team.

2. Protect yourself from employees that take advantage of stringent employment laws

Before you build your team, invest time and money to ensure you’re meeting your obligations as an employer. Make sure your employee contracts are legally sound and seek workplace law advice if you aren’t certain about your responsibilities.

Use a workplace relations company like Employsure to help protect you from employees that take advantage of the stringent employment laws which can be stacked against employers. It’s extremely stressful for all concerned when workplace incidents happen, and they always do happen. In these situations, it’s important to understand your employer responsibilities but also how to protect yourself and your company.


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