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Open for business on Australia Day? | Employsure News


Open for business on Australia Day? | Employsure News

The biggest issues facing small business when it comes to public holidays is balancing competing priorities such as cashflow, customer expectations, and managing staff.

For small-business owners, public holidays can mean changes in customer and staff behaviour. These issues can have an increased impact on a business on what is an already busy time of year and it is important that business owners and employers prepare and forecast for their business needs.

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Open for Australia Day?  Is it worth it?

While the rest of the country may be taking the day off, you’ve recognised the potential of staying open on the public holiday. But are you as prepared as you should be for the big day? Some of the biggest issues small businesses face on public holidays are balancing the competing priorities including increased cashflow, additional staff and changed customer behaviour. It’s important that you prepare and forecast for the change in business needs on the day. While it may seem a no-brainer to open up on Australia day, it’s worth considering if it really is best for your business. Some small business owners may, having considered the obligations such as penalty rates and restricted trading hours, decide it is best to take the day too. For more information on public holidays, penalty rates and the classic day-after sickie, click on the links below:

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