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Let’s talk staff motivation | Employsure News


Let’s talk staff motivation | Employsure News

Let’s face it, staff motivation is one of the biggest challenges for employers today. And studies are showing, money is not the main influence when it comes to keeping staff motivated.

“Communicating a strong purpose for the year ahead is vital for motivating your employees to understand where their role and work contributes to the purpose and mission of what you are trying to achieve on a larger, more strategic level.

The beginning of the year is also a great time to communicate the annual business strategy, as this again motivates your team members as individuals to understand the link between what they are doing and what the business is aiming to achieve in 2019.”

Maintaining efficiency, reducing absenteeism? It all comes down to motivation.

Why aren’t the free snacks, well stocked break room and ping-pong table keeping my staff motivated? Let’s face it; staff motivation is one of the biggest challenges for employers today. The reality is, that many of the investment’s businesses make to maintain efficiency could be better put to use if they understood the connection between meaningful employee development and staff motivation levels. Staff development, well-being and a connection to work are among the biggest factors in keeping staff enthusiastic. For more tips on keeping your staff motivated, have a look at the links below:

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