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Hot weather prompts workplace warnings | Employsure News


Hot weather prompts workplace warnings | Employsure News

With temperatures steadily rising, employers are being urged to implement a plan to prevent their workers from succumbing to heat stress and illness or face potential workplace claims.

According to Employsure the current extreme weather conditions can cause serious problems for workers.

“Heat can reduce concentration, judgment and reaction time causing a potential increase in the risk of worker injury. These concerns are particularly relevant for those who work outdoors and in other hot environments such as tradies, building and construction workers, farming workers, postal workers, taxi, bus and truck drivers, manufacturing workers and more,” said Senior Employment Relations Adviser Isabella Zamorano.

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Warning!  Hot weather proves problem for businesses across Australia.

With temperatures steadily rising, its time to ask yourself – have you got a plan in place to prevent your workers from heat related stress and illness? Extremes in weather can cause serious problems for workers, particularly those based outdoors day-to-day. The heatwaves Australia is prone too can reduce concentration, judgement and reaction time, leading to potential workplace injuries and future claims. If you’re an employer of tradies, building and construction workers, farmers, postal workers, drivers, manufacturing workers or landscapers, its definitely time you look at what your policies and procedures say about working in extreme heat. As an employer, you have an obligation to ensure that your staff who are exposed to extreme weather, be that heat or cold, can carry out their work without risk to their health and safety. For more tips on how to ensure your Work Health and Safety policies are extreme weather compliant, take a look at the links below:

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