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Employsure Wins Growth Company Of The Year 2015


30 October 2015

Providing fundamental support to employers when it comes to managing employees and work health and safety has helped the leading specialist, Employsure secure the Growth Company of the Year Award 2015 in the Australian Growth Company Awards. Announced last night, the win cements Employsure’s recognition as the leader in the field.

Employsure has grown rapidly because of the trust and confidence they inspire in their clients, ensuring employers stay on top of ever changing workplace legislation. In addition, Employsure offers an innovative service approach, the first of its kind in Australia.

Currently, 75 per cent (75%) of clients are those with 15 or fewer employees, although several clients are larger service providers and hospitality groups. Employsure launched in 2010, by Employment Relations barrister and now Managing Director Edward Mallett, shortly after the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009. The need was immediately recognised as employers struggled with their requirements under such complicated legislation.

Employsure’s first employee was hired in 2011, followed shortly by the acquisition of their first client. Eight months later, their client base climbed to 100. In April 2012, Peninsula Business Services, Europe’s leading specialist employment, HR and health and safety service, recognised Employsure’s influence and authority in the industry and invested in the company, helping to accelerate its growth. By August 2013, Employsure had acquired 1,000 clients and within 12 months from then, the company had signed 3,208 new clients. Today, in 2015, Employsure employs 271 staff who service over 7,000 clients nationally and is also credited as the largest employer in its sector.

Employsure’s key offering is to help employers stay abreast of rapidly changing workplace legislation. Employsure guides clients on everything from dealing with difficult employees to implementing health and safety measures, providing them with the tools and skills to manage all workplace requirements.

Managing Director Edward Mallett says: “Compliance to legislation is essential in business and Employsure assists employers in meeting their obligations. Our focus is to support clients in keeping their workplace fair and safe. Above all, we are about providing a much needed service, and aspiring to enhance our clients’ experience.”

Talent acquisition has also played a part throughout Employsure’s rapid growth. Mr Mallett believes that recruiting skilled, yet service-oriented staff to keep pace with their rapidly growing client base has underpinned the company’s sustained growth.

“Our focus has been to swiftly and efficiently recruit team members who fit the organisation and the client base, as well as having the appropriate capabilities. Once new employees begin working with us, we provide a detailed induction, with a step-by-step training schedule, to ensure our high standards of service delivery and methods can transfer to new staff,” he says.

Michael Morris, Employsure Talent Manager, explains: “Employsure is a client-focussed business. We have to ensure our new talent understands how important client service is. We do that by constantly reviewing candidates in the marketplace to gather data on specific skills, qualifications and experience. This has allowed us to generate a picture of the ideal candidate for the key areas of the business and to move quickly to recruit new people as the client base grows.”

As well as instituting a clever recruitment protocol, the company cites embracing technology to implement productive, efficient processes for both clients and employees as another key to its success. Employsure uses bespoke software in its Advice team to communicate with clients, dedicated software to tailor client experiences, and a customised financial management system.

“We strive for high performance across the company,” says Mr Mallett. “As a young, fast growing business, we like to constantly review our service in order to remain ahead of the curve and ensure we deliver a world class experience for our clients.”


Employsure’s key services are:

Unlimited advice – Proactive and professional employment relations and work health and safety advice, available 24/7

Compliance – Reviews of all workplace processes and documentation to identify and rectify any areas of non-compliance, in both work health and safety and employment relations.

Insurance – If faced with a compensation claim, clients are protected through insurance underwritten by QBE

Representation – In the event of a claim, Employsure’s in-house adviser will assist; if the matter proceeds, legal partner, Sparke Helmore, steps in to provide professional representation

About Employsure:

Employsure is Australia’s leading specialist in the field of employment relations and work health and safety, working directly with employers to navigate the ever changing legislative requirements through unlimited advice, insurance and legal representation. Founded in 2010 by employment relations barrister Edward Mallett, Employsure has become one of the fastest growing professional services companies in Australia, with more than 7,000 clients. Visit

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