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Ed Mallett in B2B Magazine.

Ed Mallett in B2B Magazine.

In the media

Ed Mallett in B2B Magazine.

End of financial year can be a stressful time for small businesses. Ed Mallett spoke with B2B Magazine about how the upcoming minimum wage and penalty rate changes could impact SME’s. Employsure is expecting over 30,000 calls over June and July to provide advice on these changes, as Ed explains:

“Award rates are mind bogglingly difficult for small businesses to work out. We take the time to understand who your employees are, how to categorise them based on their employment type, then based on the work they do and working hours – we can direct clients on what to pay – not too little and just as importantly, not too much.”

“Our small business clients tell us that there’s a lot of pressure. Any wage increase will impact the bottom line of SMEs and will not be welcomed. SMEs create jobs, wealth and revenue – without employment opportunities in business, Australians’ living standards would drop.”

Read the full B2B article here. 

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