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Artificial intelligence will decide if you get an interview for your next job | Employsure News


Artificial intelligence will decide if you get an interview for your next job | Employsure News

Finding the right candidate for a job is labour intensive and rarely easy, which is why an increasing number of companies are turning to artificial intelligences to streamline the process.

The online questionnaire wants to know whether I respect and comply with authority. I get five options – strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree or strongly disagree. I tick “neutral”. Well sort of, sometimes, I think to myself.

Same choice for whether I am good at finding fault with what’s around me at work. I tick “neutral” again, guiltily acknowledging it’s just possible my editor might have a different opinion about whether I am far too good at that particular skill.

The choice seems less ambiguous when I am asked whether I forget to put things back in their proper place. I hover over “strongly agree” or “agree” and tick the latter – perhaps a little optimistically.

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Will your next interview be with a robot?

Artificial intelligence is creeping into every aspect of daily life, all in the name of efficiency. And it seems, smart machines may play a role in deciding whether or not you get your next job. An increasing number of employers are using robot recruiters that can assess CVs, screen candidates and pair them with the right roles. But is this the best idea? Can a robot screen for workplace harassment markers?  Or signs your future employee may be a bully, someone who takes sickies more often than not? For more information on technology’s place in HR, click on the links below:

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